QUALITY ASSURANCE:  Quality Assurance for Mid-Level Providers MUST be completed on a weekly basis and faxed to us for review/sign-off.

OFF-SITE CONTACTS:  ALL contacts from off-site facilities MUST be documented on an “Off-Site Documentation” form.

DICTATION:  Dictation of emergency charts is MANDATORY and must be completed in a timely manner.

PATIENT VISITS:  ALL patients that request to be seen MUST be seen.  We cannot refuse to see any patients.

SHIFT RESPONSIBILITY:  If you are committed to a certain coverage period (for example: every Monday, or every Thursday), you are responsible for that shift regardless if it is a holiday or not.  You will be responsible for finding coverage for your shift if you do not want to work it.  If we need to find coverage for you and have to offer a bonus in order to secure coverage, the bonus amount will be deducted from your earnings.

REPLACEMENT COVERAGE:  PA/NP providers must use PA/NP for replacement coverage if at all possible.  If you are unable to find a PA/NP for your shift, contact EMC in advance before making arrangements for shift replacement.  If a PA/NP utilizes a physician for replacement for a shift without prior authorization from EMC, the difference between the physician rate and the PA/NP rate will be the responsibility of the PA/NP.

NOTIFICATIONS:  All schedule changes initiated by the provider must be communicated to EMC.

PERSONAL PHONE CALLS:  Personal phone calls are expressly prohibited on the facility’s phones.  Please do not make personal phone calls during your shift.

H&P's:  H&P’s MUST be completed in a timely manner and must be descriptive.  IF patient information is not available at the time of dictation, please dictate that the information is not available.